Monday, March 17, 2008

More about St.Patrick's Day

St.Patrick died on March 17th, 493 AD and he was missionary in Ireland who was dedicated to converting the populace from Druidism to Christianity. During his conversion, he used the three leaf clover to show to the druids as an example of the Holy Trinity, making the shamrock and the color green the symbols of the day so dedicated to him. This means that St.Patrick's day began as a Catholic holiday.

Centuries later, the celebrations began to spread across the world and it became more than just a religious holiday. Soon parades of green filled with Irish culture drowned out the religious sentiment around the holiday and it became something that everyone can enjoy.

The drinking behind St.Patrick's was not started or endorsed by the Catholic church. It is still unknown where the this method of celebration came from, but some experts speculate that this comes from another holiday that falls on the same day as St.Patricks: the Roman festival of Bacchanalia which is a celebration for the Roman deity of wine, Bacchus.

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